Friday, November 12, 2010

Yesterday when I got to class, I learned that one of the children had left the class due to a move. My cooperating teacher began to explain some of his family situation to us and I was surprised to learn that his family was extremely poverty stricken and homeless. This particular child is bright, well dressed, and happy. The class was very sad to see him go, but it sounds like it was a move for the best-the family found a permanent home in the N. Charleston area. One of the things that particularly struck me is how the teachers in this classroom never felt the need to treat him differently or explain to my partner and me. I went back to my book this morning to reread what they have to say about homelessness. The opening quote for the section says "People who are homeless are not social inadequates. They are people without homes." They go on to say a lot about suspending judgement on these families. As a teacher, you have numerous resources to help your students and their families. After seeing my cooperating teacher do just this, I have a different outlook on what it would be like have a student in this situation in my class.

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